We. Are. Moot.

We're a small brewery, with a big heart.

Set in the beautiful Kent Downs, our microbrewery is situated right in the heart of Court Farm - A regenerative arable farm.

Our beers are all designed, brewed and packaged on-site.

We're passionate about brewing beer thats good for the planet. We work in partnership with Court Farm to recycle or re-use all of our waste products.

We strive to source all of our ingredients from suppliers as local as possible to drive a community driven circular economy.

As a rule; all of our beers showcase the best of English hops, paired with hops from all over the world.

Moot was founded in 2021 by Calvin, Patrick, Tom, Danni and Will.

A bunch of our crew cut their teeth working together in fine dining restaurants before turning to beer, this is partly why our team is so well suited to brewing beer.

Having a deep understanding of complex flavour profiles drives us to explore new types of beers and techniques. 

We're a small team, but we're grafters. You can expect every drop of beer is made by our hands and we answer every one of our customer queries personally.

If you need anything, just holla.