Cuckoo Brewing

Cuckoo Brewing

Starting a business is damn complex. Starting a brewery is even more so. Not being able to brew and make your product before you've jumped through a myriad of hoops and weaved your way through a maze of red tape means it can be a real struggle to get off the ground.

[Is that algebra?]

We've been extremely fortunate in that Bruno and Karl at the London Beer Lab have allowed us to brew on their plant in Brixton. In normal circumstances learning the nuances of a borrowed kit would be another curve ball to navigate. But we are once again fortunate that our Head Brewer Calvin has been working as a brewer at Beer Lab for the last 6 months! So not only is our Brewer super familiar with the kit, but it means the rest of us can leave him to it, for the most part (to ensure the best product obviously). 

[I'm checking its clean mate]

I'm positive that Calvin is too polite to say, but having us 'help' brew is likely more of a hinderance than a help. In a past life he was a teacher (And teaches home brewing) so I'm sure he would say something like 'I enjoyed watching you learn' or something similarly courteous. 

[Why am I the sack guy?]

We honestly can't thank Bruno, Karl and London Beer Lab enough for giving us a platform to get started before our brewery is ready. We're now able to brew at scale and begin to meet at least some of the demand we have. Thanks to their enormous generosity we've been given a kickstart into the world of beer and we'll do everything we can to repay that generosity! 


[So we just stare at the bucket?]

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